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  ( concentrates    plural & 3rd person present)   ( concentrating    present participle)   ( concentrated    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you concentrateon something, or concentrate your mind on it, you give all your attention to it.  
It was up to him to concentrate on his studies and make something of himself...      V on n/-ing  
At work you need to be able to concentrate...      V  
This helps you to be aware of time and concentrates your mind on the immediate task.      V n on n  
2       verb   If something is concentratedin an area, it is all there rather than being spread around.  
usu passive  
Most development has been concentrated in and around cities.      be V-ed in n, Also be V-ed adv  
3       n-mass   Concentrate is a liquid or substance from which water has been removed in order to make it stronger, or to make it easier to store. juice made from concentrate.     
4    If you say that an unpleasant fact or situation concentrates someone's mind, you mean that it makes them think clearly, because they are aware of the serious consequences if they do not.  
concentrate someone's mind      phrase   V and N inflect  
A term in prison will concentrate his mind wonderfully.     
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1    be engrossed in, consider closely, focus attention on, give all one's attention to, put one's mind to, rack one's brains  
2    bring to bear, centre, cluster, converge, focus  
3    accumulate, cluster, collect, congregate, gather, huddle  
1    disregard, let one's mind wander, lose concentration, pay no attention to, pay no heed to  
2 & 3    deploy, diffuse, disperse, dissipate, scatter, spread out  

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to concentrate and to sacrifice
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