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  ( concedes    3rd person present)   ( conceding    present participle)   ( conceded    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you concede something, you admit, often unwillingly, that it is true or correct.  
Bess finally conceded that Nancy was right...      V that  
`Well,' he conceded, `I do sometimes mumble a bit.'...      V with quote  
Mr. Chapman conceded the need for Nomura's U.S. unit to improve its trading skills.      V n  
2       verb   If you concede something to someone, you allow them to have it as a right or privilege.   (=cede)  
The government conceded the right to establish independent trade unions...      V n  
Facing total defeat in Vietnam, the French subsequently conceded full independence to Laos.      V n to n  
3       verb   If you concede something, you give it to the person who has been trying to get it from you.  
A strike by some ten thousand bank employees has ended after the government conceded some of their demands.      V n  
4       verb   In sport, if you concede goals or points, you are unable to prevent your opponent from scoring them.  
They conceded four goals to Leeds United...      V n to n  
Luton conceded a free kick on the edge of the penalty area.      V n  
in AM, use give up     
5       verb   If you concede a game, contest, or argument, you end it by admitting that you can no longer win.  
Reiner, 56, has all but conceded the race to his rival...      V n to n  
Alain Prost finished third and virtually conceded the world championship.      V n  
6       verb   If you concede defeat, you accept that you have lost a struggle.   (=accept)  
Airtours conceded defeat in its attempt to take control of holiday industry rival Owners Abroad...      V n  
He happily conceded the election.      V n  
Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  


1    accept, acknowledge, admit, allow, confess, grant, own  
2    cede, give up, hand over, relinquish, surrender, yield  
1    contest, deny, disclaim, dispute, protest, refute, reject  
2    beat, conquer, defeat, fight to the bitter end, make a stand  

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