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  ( commissions    plural & 3rd person present)   ( commissioning    present participle)   ( commissioned    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you commission something or commission someone to do something, you formally arrange for someone to do a piece of work for you.  
The Ministry of Agriculture commissioned a study into low-input farming...      V n  
You can commission them to paint something especially for you.      V n to-inf  
...specially commissioned reports.      V-ed  
      Commission is also a noun., n-var  
He approached John Wexley with a commission to write the screenplay of the film.     
2       n-count   A commission is a piece of work that someone is asked to do and is paid for.  
Just a few days ago, I finished a commission.     
3       n-var   Commission is a sum of money paid to a salesperson for every sale that he or she makes. If a salesperson is paid oncommission, the amount they receive depends on the amount they sell.  
oft on N  
The salesmen work on commission only..., He also got a commission for bringing in new clients.     
4       n-uncount   If a bank or other company charges commission, they charge a fee for providing a service, for example for exchanging money or issuing an insurance policy.     (BUSINESS)  
Sellers pay a fixed commission fee.     
5       n-count-coll   A commission is a group of people who have been appointed to find out about something or to control something.  
The authorities have been asked to set up a commission to investigate the murders., ...the Press Complaints Commission.     
6       n-count   If a member of the armed forces receives a commission, he or she becomes an officer.  
He accepted a commission as a naval officer.     
7    If something, for example a ship or a piece of equipment, is out of commission, it is broken and cannot be used until it is repaired.  
out of commission      phrase   v-link PHR, PHR after v  
The operator expects the ship to be out of commission until the end of September.     
    High Commission  

High Commission        ( High Commissions    plural  ) A High Commission is the office where a High Commissioner and his or her staff work, or the group of officials who work there.      n-count   oft the adj N  
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1    appointment, authority, charge, duty, employment, errand, function, mandate, mission, task, trust, warrant  
2    allowance, brokerage, compensation, cut, fee, percentage, rake-off     (slang)   royalties  
3    board, body of commissioners, commissioners, committee, delegation, deputation, representative  
4    appoint, authorize, contract, delegate, depute, empower, engage, nominate, order, select, send  

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a criminal action of commission or omission with intent to harm targeting humans or machines using any telecommunication device via internet
[Leg.];[Tech.] cybercrime means hacking, bullying, identity theft
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