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  ( commanders    plural  )
1       n-count; n-title; n-voc   A commander is an officer in charge of a military operation or organization.  
The commander and some of the men had been released., ...Commander Bob Marks.     
2       n-count; n-title; n-voc   A commander is an officer in the Royal Navy or the U.S. Navy.  

commander-in-chief        ( commanders-in-chief    plural  ) A commander-in-chief is an officer in charge of all the forces in a particular area.      n-count; n-title  
He was to be the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.     
wing commander        ( wing commanders    plural  ) A wing commander is a senior officer in the British air force.      n-count; n-title  
...Wing Commander Christopher Moran.     
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boss, captain, chief, C in C, C.O., commander-in-chief, commanding officer, director, head, leader, officer, ruler  

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