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comfortably off

If someone is comfortably off, they have enough money to be able to live without financial problems.      adj   usu v-link ADJ  
He had no plans to retire even though he is now very comfortably off.     
Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  
1       adj   If a piece of furniture or an item of clothing is comfortable, it makes you feel physically relaxed when you use it, for example because it is soft.,   (Antonym: uncomfortable)    ...a comfortable fireside chair..., Trainers are so comfortable to wear.     
2       adj   If a building or room is comfortable, it makes you feel physically relaxed when you spend time in it, for example because it is warm and has nice furniture.  
A home should be comfortable and friendly., ...somewhere warm and comfortable.     
   comfortably             adv   usu ADV -ed  
...the comfortably furnished living room.     
3       adj   If you are comfortable, you are physically relaxed because of the place or position you are sitting or lying in.,   (Antonym: uncomfortable)    Lie down on your bed and make yourself comfortable..., She tried to maneuver her body into a more comfortable position.     
   comfortably             adv   ADV with v  
Are you sitting comfortably?..., He would be tucked comfortably into bed.     
4       adj   If you say that someone is comfortable, you mean that they have enough money to be able to live without financial problems.  
`Is he rich?'—`He's comfortable.'..., She came from a stable, comfortable, middle-class family.     
   comfortably             adv  
Cayton describes himself as comfortably well-off.     
5       adj   In a race, competition, or election, if you have a comfortable lead, you are likely to win it easily. If you gain a comfortable victory or majority, you win easily.  
ADJ n  
By half distance we held a comfortable two-lap lead..., He appeared to be heading for a comfortable victory.     
   comfortably             adv   ADV with v   (=easily)  
...the Los Angeles Raiders, who comfortably beat the Bears earlier in the season.     
6       adj   If you feel comfortablewith a particular situation or person, you feel confident and relaxed with them.  
v-link ADJ, oft ADJ prep  
Nervous politicians might well feel more comfortable with a step-by-step approach..., He liked me and I felt comfortable with him..., I'll talk to them, but I won't feel comfortable about it.     
   comfortably             adv   ADV after v  
They talked comfortably of their plans.     
7       adj   When a sick or injured person is said to be comfortable, they are in a stable physical condition.  
He was described as comfortable in hospital last night.     
8       adj   A comfortable life, job, or situation does not cause you any problems or worries.  
...a comfortable teaching job at a university..., Kohl's retirement looks far from comfortable.     

Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  

Collaborative Dictionary     English Cobuild
comfortably; extravagantly
telling someone to fight you."do sth !"
to depend on something or on someone to cover the basic expenses
E.g.: He lived off the money he inherited from his father while he had been working as a volunteer.
wave hand as a sign of rejection, disapproval or lack of interest
expression meaning that a situation is no longer certain or predictable and that anything can happen
originating from horse racing where "all bets are off" indicated that bets already made were null due to various unpredicted factors
live without being connected to one of more public utilities (such as water, electric power)
laughing my fucking ass off
mislead someone; deliberately provide wrong information to forbid someone from knowing the truth
E.g.: They are no longer in town, but hey left their car in front of the house just to put everybody off the scent.
get well with someone from the very beginning of the relationship
used when referring to romantic relationship, but also in a larger meaning: He hit it off with his teacher; he will continue taking classes with her.
to attempt or take on a task that is way to big and beyond one's capability
I wonder if that craftsman will be able to fulfil the three commitments he took on at the same time; in my opinion he bites off more than he can chew!
make an obscene and offensive gesture at someone by closing one's fist and extending one's middle finger upwards, interpreted as"Sod off!"; [US] flip (sb) off / flip (sb) the bird
Ex.: he has an unfortunate tendency and somewhat dangerous habit of giving the finger to motorists who cut in front of him.
go away idiot, fool ; leave me alone idiot, fool ; fuck you idiot, fool ; fuck off idiot, fool.
talk incessantly ; be very talkative/voluble ; be a chatterbox
[UK] [informal] Ex: When it comes to Pink Floyd, his all-time favorite band, he can talk the hind legs off a donkey!
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