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1       adj   If a piece of furniture or an item of clothing is comfortable, it makes you feel physically relaxed when you use it, for example because it is soft.,   (Antonym: uncomfortable)    ...a comfortable fireside chair..., Trainers are so comfortable to wear.     
2       adj   If a building or room is comfortable, it makes you feel physically relaxed when you spend time in it, for example because it is warm and has nice furniture.  
A home should be comfortable and friendly., ...somewhere warm and comfortable.     
  comfortably      adv   usu ADV -ed  
...the comfortably furnished living room.     
3       adj   If you are comfortable, you are physically relaxed because of the place or position you are sitting or lying in.,   (Antonym: uncomfortable)    Lie down on your bed and make yourself comfortable..., She tried to maneuver her body into a more comfortable position.     
  comfortably      adv   ADV with v  
Are you sitting comfortably?..., He would be tucked comfortably into bed.     
4       adj   If you say that someone is comfortable, you mean that they have enough money to be able to live without financial problems.  
`Is he rich?'—`He's comfortable.'..., She came from a stable, comfortable, middle-class family.     
  comfortably      adv  
Cayton describes himself as comfortably well-off.     
5       adj   In a race, competition, or election, if you have a comfortable lead, you are likely to win it easily. If you gain a comfortable victory or majority, you win easily.  
ADJ n  
By half distance we held a comfortable two-lap lead..., He appeared to be heading for a comfortable victory.     
  comfortably      adv   ADV with v   (=easily)  
...the Los Angeles Raiders, who comfortably beat the Bears earlier in the season.     
6       adj   If you feel comfortablewith a particular situation or person, you feel confident and relaxed with them.  
v-link ADJ, oft ADJ prep  
Nervous politicians might well feel more comfortable with a step-by-step approach..., He liked me and I felt comfortable with him..., I'll talk to them, but I won't feel comfortable about it.     
  comfortably      adv   ADV after v  
They talked comfortably of their plans.     
7       adj   When a sick or injured person is said to be comfortable, they are in a stable physical condition.  
He was described as comfortable in hospital last night.     
8       adj   A comfortable life, job, or situation does not cause you any problems or worries.  
...a comfortable teaching job at a university..., Kohl's retirement looks far from comfortable.     
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1    adequate, agreeable, ample, commodious, convenient, cosy, delightful, easy, enjoyable, homely, loose, loose-fitting, pleasant, relaxing, restful, roomy, snug  
2    at ease, at home, contented, gratified, happy, relaxed, serene  
3    affluent, in clover     (informal)   prosperous, well-off, well-to-do  
1    disagreeable, inadequate, skin-tight, tight, tight-fitting, uncomfortable, unpleasant  
2    distressed, disturbed, ill at ease, like a fish out of water, miserable, nervous, on tenterhooks, tense, troubled, uncomfortable, uneasy  

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comfortable in wealth
west african language:yorubas i am tutuola
any food, beverage, drug or activity that helps people feel more comfortable in social occasions
Ex: Having an alcohol beverage might be seen as a kind of social lubrificant as so far as it helps some peole overcome their shyness
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