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  ( comedies    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Comedy consists of types of entertainment, such as plays and films, or particular scenes in them, that are intended to make people laugh.  
Actor Dom Deluise talks about his career in comedy., ...a TV comedy series.     
2       n-count   A comedy is a play, film, or television programme that is intended to make people laugh.,   (Antonym: tragedy)   
3       n-uncount   The comedy of a situation involves those aspects of it that make you laugh.   (=humour)  
Jackie sees the comedy in her millionaire husband's thrifty habits.     
    situation comedy  

musical comedy        ( musical comedies    plural  ) Musical comedy is a type of play or film that has singing and dancing as part of the story and that is humorous and entertaining, especially one written before the middle of the twentieth century.      n-var  
situation comedy        ( situation comedies    plural  ) A situation comedy is an amusing television drama series about a set of characters. The abbreviation sitcom is also used.      n-var  
...a situation comedy that was set in an acupuncture clinic.     
tragi-comedy     ( tragi-comedies    plural  ) , tragicomedy   A tragi-comedy is a play or other written work that is both sad and amusing.      n-count  
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chaffing, drollery, facetiousness, farce, fun, hilarity, humour, jesting, joking, light entertainment, sitcom     (informal)   slapstick, wisecracking, witticisms  
   high drama, melancholy, melodrama, opera, sadness, seriousness, serious play, soap opera, solemnity, tragedy  

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