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     ( combines    plural & 3rd person present)   ( combining    present participle)   ( combined    past tense & past participle  )
The verb is pronounced kəmbaɪn. The noun is pronounced kɒmbaɪn.     
1       v-recip   If you combine two or more things or if they combine, they exist together.  
The Church has something to say on how to combine freedom with responsibility...      V n with n  
Relief workers say it's worse than ever as disease and starvation combine to kill thousands...      pl-n V  
A stagnant economy combined with a surge in the number of teenagers is likely to have contributed to rising crime levels in the US.      V-ed, Also V with n, V pl-n  
2       v-recip   If you combine two or more things or if they combine, they join together to make a single thing.  
David Jacobs was given the job of combining the data from these 19 studies into one giant study...      V pl-n  
Combine the flour with 3 tablespoons water to make a paste...      V n with n  
Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen combine chemically to form carbohydrates and fats...      pl-n V  
Combined with other compounds, they created a massive dynamite-type bomb.      V-ed, Also V with n  
3       verb   If someone or something combines two qualities or features, they have both those qualities or features at the same time.  
Their system seems to combine the two ideals of strong government and proportional representation.      V pl-n  
...a clever, far-sighted lawyer who combines legal expertise with social concern...      V n with n  
Her tale has a consciously youthful tone and storyline, combined with a sly humour.      V-ed  
4       verb   If someone combines two activities, they do them both at the same time.  
It is possible to combine a career with being a mother...      V n with n/-ing  
He will combine the two jobs over the next three years.      V pl-n  
5       v-recip   If two or more groups or organizations combine or if someone combines them, they join to form a single group or organization.   (=amalgamate) announcement by Steetley and Tarmac of a joint venture that would combine their operations...      V pl-n  
Different states or groups can combine to enlarge their markets.      pl-n V, Also V with n, V n with n  
6       n-count   A combine is a group of people or organizations that are working or acting together.  
...Veba, an energy-and-chemicals combine that is Germany's fourth-biggest company.     

combine harvester        ( combine harvesters    plural  ) A combine harvester is a large machine which is used on farms to cut, sort, and clean grain.      n-count  
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amalgamate, associate, bind, blend, bond, compound, connect, cooperate, fuse, incorporate, integrate, join (together), link, marry, meld, merge, mix, pool, put together, synthesize, unify, unite  
   detach, dissociate, dissolve, disunite, divide, part, separate, sever  

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Opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England i.e.the English branch of the Western Christian Church, which combines Catholic and Protestant traditions, rejects the Pope’s authority, and has the monarch as its titular head
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