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     ( combats    plural & 3rd person present)   ( combating    present participle)   ( combatting    present participle)   ( combated    past tense & past participle)   ( combatted    past tense & past participle  )
The noun is pronounced kɒmbæt. The verb is pronounced kəmbæt.     
1       n-uncount   Combat is fighting that takes place in a war.  
Over 16 million men had died in combat..., Yesterday saw hand-to-hand combat in the city., ...combat aircraft.     
2       n-count   A combat is a battle, or a fight between two people.  
It was the end of a long combat.     
3       verb   If people in authority combat something, they try to stop it happening.  
Congress has criticised new government measures to combat crime.      V n  

combat trousers     
Combat trousers are large, loose trousers with lots of pockets.      n-plural   also a pair of N  
He was wearing black combat trousers and a hooded fleece.     
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      n   action, battle, conflict, contest, encounter, engagement, fight, skirmish, struggle, war, warfare  
      vb   battle, contend, contest, cope, defy, do battle with, engage, fight, oppose, resist, strive, struggle, withstand  
,       n   agreement, armistice, peace, surrender, truce  
      vb   accept, acquiesce, declare a truce, give up, make peace, support, surrender  

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