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in AM, use colorless     
1       adj   Something that is colourless has no colour at all.  
...a colourless, almost odourless liquid with a sharp, sweetish taste.     
2       adj   If someone's face is colourless, it is very pale, usually because they are frightened, shocked, or ill.  
usu v-link ADJ  
Her face was colourless, and she was shaking..., His complexion was colorless and he hadn't shaved.     
3       adj   Colourless people or places are dull and uninteresting.  
usu ADJ n  
We hurried through the colourless little town set on the fast-flowing Nyakchu.     
Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  


1    achromatic, achromic, anaemic, ashen, bleached, drab, faded, neutral, sickly, wan, washed out  
2    characterless, dreary, insipid, lacklustre, tame, uninteresting, unmemorable, vacuous, vapid  
1    blooming, flushed, glowing, healthy, radiant, robust, ruddy  
2    animated, bright, colourful, compelling, distinctive, exciting, interesting, unusual  

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