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1       adj   Coded messages have words or symbols which represent other words, so that the message is secret unless you know the system behind the code.  
usu ADJ n  
In a coded telephone warning, Scotland Yard were told four bombs had been planted in the area.     
2       adj   If someone is using coded language, they are expressing their opinion in an indirect way, usually because that opinion is likely to offend people.  
usu ADJ n  
It's widely assumed that his lyrics were coded references to homosexuality.     
3       adj   Coded electronic signals use a binary system of digits which can be decoded by an appropriate machine.     (TECHNICAL)   ADJ n  
The coded signal is received by satellite dish aerials.     

in AM, use color-coded     
Things that are colour-coded use colours to represent different features or functions.      adj  
The contents are emptied into color-coded buckets.     
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