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  ( clouds    plural & 3rd person present)   ( clouding    present participle)   ( clouded    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-var   A cloud is a mass of water vapour that floats in the sky. Clouds are usually white or grey in colour.  
...the varied shapes of the clouds..., The sky was almost entirely obscured by cloud., ...the risks involved in flying through cloud.     
2       n-count   A cloudof something such as smoke or dust is a mass of it floating in the air.  
usu N of n  
The hens darted away on all sides, raising a cloud of dust.     
3       verb   If you say that something clouds your view of a situation, you mean that it makes you unable to understand the situation or judge it properly.  
Perhaps anger had clouded his vision, perhaps his judgment had been faulty...      V n  
In his latter years religious mania clouded his mind.      V n  
4       verb   If you say that something clouds a situation, you mean that it makes it unpleasant.  
The atmosphere has already been clouded by the BJP's anger at the media.      V n  
5       verb   If glass clouds or if moisture clouds it, tiny drops of water cover the glass, making it difficult to see through.   (=mist)  
The mirror clouded beside her cheek...      V  
I run the water very hot, clouding the mirror.      V n  
6    If you say that someone is on cloud nine, you are emphasizing that they are very happy.  
on cloud nine      phrase   usu v-link PHR     (emphasis)    When Michael was born I was on cloud nine.     
    every cloud has a silver lining  
    silver lining   cloud over      phrasal verb   If the sky clouds over, it becomes covered with clouds.  
After a fine day, the sky had clouded over and suddenly rain lashed against the windows.      V P  
    cloud 5  

If you say that someone is living in cloud-cuckoo-land, you are criticizing them because they think there are no problems and that things will happen exactly as they want them to, when this is obviously not the case.  
  (mainly BRIT)      n-uncount   also a N     (disapproval)    I was living in cloud-cuckoo-land about my salary expectations.     
mushroom cloud        ( mushroom clouds    plural  ) A mushroom cloud is an extremely large cloud caused by a nuclear explosion.      n-count  
storm cloud        ( storm clouds    plural  ) , stormcloud  
1       n-count   Storm clouds are the dark clouds which are seen before a storm.  
usu pl  
2       n-count   You can use storm clouds to refer to a sign that something very unpleasant is going to happen.  
FORMAL   usu pl  
Over the past three weeks, the storm clouds have gathered again over the government.     
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1    billow, darkness, fog, gloom, haze, mist, murk, nebula, nebulosity, obscurity, vapour  
2    crowd, dense mass, flock, horde, host, multitude, shower, swarm, throng  
3    becloud, darken, dim, eclipse, obfuscate, obscure, overcast, overshadow, shade, shadow, veil  
4    confuse, disorient, distort, impair, muddle, muddy the waters  

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cloud computing n.
network-based services that makes information available from multiple electronic devices by linking it to an account

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