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  ( bonds    plural & 3rd person present)   ( bonding    present participle)   ( bonded    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A bondbetween people is a strong feeling of friendship, love, or shared beliefs and experiences that unites them.  
oft N between pl-n  
The experience created a very special bond between us., ...the bond that linked them.     
2       v-recip   When people bondwith each other, they form a relationship based on love or shared beliefs and experiences. You can also say that people bond or that something bonds them.  
Belinda was having difficulty bonding with the baby...      V with n  
They all bonded while writing graffiti together...      pl-n V  
What had bonded them instantly and so completely was their similar background...      V pl-n  
The players are bonded by a spirit that is rarely seen in an English team.      V-ed, Also V n with n  
  bonding      n-uncount  
They expect bonding to occur naturally.     
3       n-count   A bondbetween people or groups is a close connection that they have with each other, for example because they have a special agreement.  
with supp   (=link)  
...the strong bond between church and nation..., There are tangible signs that the republic's successfully breaking its bonds with Moscow.     
4       n-count   A bond between two things is the way in which they stick to one another or are joined in some way.  
The superglue may not create a bond with some plastics...     
5       v-recip   When one thing bondswith another, it sticks to it or becomes joined to it in some way. You can also say that two things bondtogether, or that something bonds them together.  
Diamond may be strong in itself, but it does not bond well with other materials...      V with n  
In graphite sheets, carbon atoms bond together in rings...      pl-n V together  
Strips of wood are bonded together and moulded by machine.      be V-ed together, Also V n with n, V pl-n together  
6       n-count   When a government or company issues a bond, it borrows money from investors. The certificate which is issued to investors who lend money is also called a bond.     (BUSINESS)  
Most of it will be financed by government bonds., ...the recent sharp decline in bond prices.     
    junk bond  
    premium bond  

junk bond        ( junk bonds    plural  ) If a company issues junk bonds, it borrows money from investors, usually at a high rate of interest, in order to finance a particular deal, for example the setting up or the taking over of another company.     (BUSINESS)      n-count   usu pl  
premium bond        ( premium bonds    plural  ) In Britain, premium bonds are numbered tickets that are sold by the government. Each month, a computer selects several numbers, and the people whose tickets have those numbers win money.      n-count  
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term coined by the James Bond movie, meaning that a great danger will come for Bond to overcome
anyone with a good definition ?
Mutual trust and friendship among people spending a lot of time together. Another term for camaraderie.
[US] [mass noun] Ex: That teamsport is an ideal pastime for the young people, an opportunity to socialise and make new friends in a strong spirit of comradery
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