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1       adj   Irish means belonging or relating to Ireland, or to its people, language, or culture. Irish sometimes refers to the whole of Ireland, and sometimes only to the Republic of Ireland.  
2       n-plural   TheIrish are the people of Ireland, or of the Republic of Ireland.  
usu the N  
3       n-uncount   Irish is a Celtic language spoken by people who live in Ireland, especially in the Republic of Ireland.  

If someone, especially an American, is Scotch-Irish, they are descended from both Scottish and Irish people, especially from Scottish people who had settled in Northern Ireland.  
  (mainly AM)      adj  
      Scotch-Irish is also a noun., n-plural   usu the N  
...Virginia's Great Valley, where the Scotch-Irish had settled in the eighteenth century.     
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green, Hibernian  

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