English-Arabic collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

wading pool wafer waffle waffle wage
waist waistcoat wait wait for wait up
waiter waiting list waiting room waitress waive
wake up wake-up call Wales walk walk
walker walkie-talkie walking walking stick walkway
wall wallet wallpaper wall-to-wall carpet walnut
walrus waltz waltz wander want
war ward ward warden wardrobe
warehouse warm warm up warn warning
warranty warrior wart was handcuffed, arrest... wash
wash the dishes wash up washbasin washcloth washcloth
washing washing line washing machine washing powder washing the dishes
washing-up washing-up liquid washroom wasp waste
waste wastebasket wastepaper basket watch watch
watch out watch strap watchband water water
watercolor watercolour watercress waterfall watering can
watermelon waterproof water-skiing wave wave
wave wavelength wavy wax way
way way in way out we We are having a nice time
We are here for a wedding We are on our honeymoon We are on our way to ... We are on schedule We are slightly behind...
We are still waiting t... We are ten minutes late We arrived early/late We can't afford anothe... we committed ourselves...
We could share a taxi We had to write an ess... We live in ... We must get him to hos... We need a second key
We need more blankets We need more crockery We need more sheets We will have to report... We would like to go cy...
weak weakness wealth wealthy weapon
wear weasel weather weather forecast Web
web Web 2.0 web address web browser webcam
webmaster website webzine We'd like a dessert We'd like a site for a...
We'd like a site for a... We'd like a site for a... We'd like an aperitif We'd like to go to ... We'd like to play tennis
We'd like to reserve t... We'd like to see local... We'd like to see nobod... We'd like to see spect... We'd like to see wildlife
We'd like to visit ... wedding wedding anniversary wedding dress wedding ring
Wednesday weed weedkiller week weekday
weekend weep weigh weight weightlifter
weightlifting weird welcome welcome welcome!
welfare welfare well well well
We'll be in bed when y... well done! We'll take the set menu well-behaved wellies
wellingtons well-known well-off well-paid Welsh
Welsh We're going to ... We're looking for ... We're looking for a hotel We're looking for an a...
We're lost west west west West Indian
West Indian West Indies westbound western western
wet wetsuit We've been waiting for... We've booked an apartm... whale

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