English-Arabic collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

cab cabbage cabin cabin crew cabinet
cable cable car cable television cached cactus
cadet café cafeteria caffeine cage
cagoule cake calcium calculate calculation
calculator calendar calf calf call
call call call call Call a doctor!
Call an ambulance call back call back call back call box
call center call centre call for call off Call out the lifeboat!
Call the breakdown ser... Call the police called it home callus calm
calm down calorie Cambodia Cambodian Cambodian
camcorder camel camera camera phone cameraman
Cameroon camp camp camp bed campaign
camper camping camping gas campsite campus
can can Can I breast-feed here? Can I buy the tickets ... Can I cash a cheque?
Can I change my booking? Can I change my travel... Can I download photos ... Can I eat on the terrace? Can I film here?
Can I get a cash advan... Can I get you a drink? Can I have a bag, please? Can I have a clean gla... Can I have a helmet?
Can I have a key? Can I have a lock? Can I have a map? Can I have a refund? Can I have a repair kit?
Can I have a tape for ... Can I have a timetable... Can I have a trim? Can I have an appointm... Can I have an extra ba...
Can I have an itemized... Can I have breakfast i... Can I have my deposit ... Can I have my money back? Can I have stamps for ...
Can I have your card? Can I have your email? Can I have your phone ... Can I insure my luggage? Can I join you?
Can I keep my bike here? Can I leave a message ... Can I leave a message? Can I make CDs at this... Can I order now, please?
Can I park here overni... Can I park here? Can I pay by cheque? Can I pay by credit card? Can I phone from here?
Can I phone internatio... Can I play video games? Can I reserve a sleeper? Can I see the room? Can I see your insuran...
Can I send a fax from ... Can I send a telegram ... Can I send an e-mail? Can I sit here? Can I speak to ...?
Can I speak to Mr ...? Can I speak to Ms ...,... Can I speak to you in ... Can I switch rooms? Can I switch the light...
Can I switch the light... Can I switch the radio... Can I switch the radio... Can I taste it? Can I test it, please?
Can I try it on? Can I try on these tro... Can I try on this dress? Can I use messenger pr... Can I use my card to g...
Can I use my card with... Can I use my own lapto... Can I use the toilet? Can I use your phone, ... Can I walk there?
Can one swim in the ri... can opener can opener Can we camp here overn... Can we fish here?
Can we go ashore now? Can we go horse riding? Can we go out on deck? Can we go to ...? Can we have seats toge...
Can we hire skis here? Can we hire the equipm... Can we meet for lunch? Can we park by our site? Can we park our carava...
Can we pitch our tent ... Can we take lessons? Can we visit the castle? Can we visit the church? Can we visit the gardens?
Can you adjust my bind... Can you arrange to hav... Can you be a witness f... Can you book me into a... Can you book the ticke...
Can you check the air,... Can you check the tyre... Can you check the wate... Can you clean the room... Can you copy this for me?
Can you develop this f... Can you do a temporary... Can you do it straight... Can you do it while I ... Can you draw me a map ...
Can you dye my hair, p... Can you dye my roots, ... Can you explain what t... Can you give me a lift... Can you give me a push?
Can you give me some c... Can you give me someth... Can you guide me, please? Can you help me get on... Can you help me with m...
Can you help me, please? Can you help me? Can you measure me, pl... Can you mend a fuse? Can you page ...?
Can you put these phot... Can you recommend a go... Can you recommend a go... Can you recommend a go... Can you recommend a go...
Can you recommend a go... Can you recommend a ho... Can you recommend a lo... Can you recommend a pa... Can you re-heel these ...

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