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[64K color - adjacency] [adjacency analysis - anonymous ftp host] [another windowing toolkit - asynchronous transmission mode]
[autodegaussing - automatic self-allocation processor] [automatic send and receive - bandwidth allocation] [bang path - blank out]
[blanking - burn] [burner - callout] [camac - channel surfing]
[channel work area expansion - clicking] [clickthrough - compressed serial line protocol] [compuserve - computer-based instruction]
[computer-based learning - coordinated universal time] [copying - cyphering] [cyphering mode setting - decryption]
[decypher - digital image processor] [digital local exchange - dither] [dithering - eds system]
[edutainementware - equivalent service] [erasable programmable read-only memory - fade] [fail-safe - finger]
[finite state machine - fully qualified domain name] [functional programming - hex socket screw key] [hexadecimal notation - ICT]
[identificator - institute of electrical and electronics engineers] [instruction cache unit - invalid] [inverted file system - LAN]
[landscape - locking] [m-business - matching case] [mathematical coprocessor - mining the internet for marketing intelligence]
[minisparc - multipurpose] [multipurpose interface - number crunching] [number identification - output level attenuate]
[output work queue - physical path length] [pick - power device] [predictive failure analysis - prom]
[prom programmer - rating] [rational pricing - resetting] [residual error rate - rules governing the use of a given dictionary entry]
[run around - secondary logical unit] [secondary received data - setting a call] [setting up time of an international call - software designer]
[software developer - split horizontal] [split screen display - substracter] [subtracter - teleprocessing]
[teleprocessing link - token ring technique] [token-access - Transputer] [traping - upstream activity]
[upward compatible - visual basic 6] [visual basic 6.0 - WinNT] [wintel - zoom]
[64 bit - additive color] [additive color mixing - annotate] [annotating - automatic clipping]
[automatic dissolve - beat'em] [beef up release - blank floppy disk] [blank floppy disks - breadboard]
[breadth user - by-passed] [by-the-hour service - change record] [change the case - closed loop]
[closed-cycle - colourize] [colourized - condensed printing] [condensed type - customing]
[customisable - data scrambling] [data scrubbing - Denial of Service] [denormal - distribution frame]
[distribution unit - dvd burner] [dvd drive - error field] [error flag - farming]
[fast connection - foirl] [folder log - gameplay] [gamer - hand held computer]
[hand scaner - iconifying] [iconising - inpage] [input box - IP switch]
[IP switching - know bug] [know-how - linkage editor] [linkeage - magneto-optical disk]
[magnetographic - Microsoft Defrag] [microsoft ie - multiline attachment] [multilinear - news reader]
[news server - offline folder] [operation manual - palmtop computer] [pan control - phase modulation]
[phase number - postpone] [postponing - printbox] [program setting - radix sorting]
[ragged left - registers] [registration form - row-column scaning] [row-column scanning - second source]
[secondary clock - signed number] [signedon - solidus] [soliton - stale software]
[stamper - system acceptance] [system accounting - teleloading] [telemaintenance - title bar]
[title case - typeovering] [typesetting code - USB] [Usenet Newsgroups - Visual C ++]
[visual c++ - Windows ce-based] [Windows Draw - zettabyte] [Ziff-Davis - Zuse]