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If we were to choose one of the main fields where English obviously dominates, this would be information technology. No one would manage to get around computers nowadays without mastering the specific IT terminology. No matter if you are a basic computer user, a geek, a programmer or a translator specialized in IT, you will find what you’re looking for in our Computer English-French dictionary. Thousands of computer engineering terms and Hi-Tech buzz words will help you make your way throughout the tangled IT language.

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noise-free Nokia nomad user non blocking system non breaking
non destructive read non erasable memory non erasable store non existent non fatal
non impact printer non recoverable non reflective ink non resident program non resident programme
non rotating disc non rotating disk non sine wave waveform non volatile memory non volatile random access memory
non volatile store non-compliance non-conjunction non-disclosure agreement non-disjunction
non-fatal non-memory resident virus non-PostScript non-prefixed non-regression test
non-resident program non-resident programme non-rotating disk non-sound-wired zone non-wired
nonbacklit nonbreaking hyphen nonbreaking space noncompliant nondestructive read
noninvertible nonnumerical nonparity memory nonreentrant nonrepudiable
nontransient error nonuniform nonvolatile random-access memory normal card listing normal form
normalized device coordinate normalizer Nortel Norton Norton Utilities
Norton Utility nosetip not equal notarisation indicator notarised data key
notarised key enciphering key notarised key enciphering key pair notarised key encyphering key notarised key encyphering key pair notational system
notchless notebook notebook computer notebook memory notepad computer
notification of reading notify link nought state Novell novice
now in use NP- NP-hard nubus board null character
null character string null drift office 2000 Office 2000 Office 97
Office 98 office automation office fax Office Vista official name
offline browser offline browsing offline explorer offline folder offline navigator
offline reader offpage offprint offset printing offsetting
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