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If we were to choose one of the main fields where English obviously dominates, this would be information technology. No one would manage to get around computers nowadays without mastering the specific IT terminology. No matter if you are a basic computer user, a geek, a programmer or a translator specialized in IT, you will find what you’re looking for in our Computer English-French dictionary. Thousands of computer engineering terms and Hi-Tech buzz words will help you make your way throughout the tangled IT language.

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cpu-time cracker cradle switch crank up crash prone
crash-prone crashbug crashprone crippleware criticality
CRM crop mark cropping cross hairs cross hatching
cross program cross programme cross tab cross tabulation cross talk
cross-departmental cross-dissolve cross-fade cross-haired cursor cycle down
cycle the power cyclic redundancy check cycling down cycling the power Cygnus Solutions
cypher cypher key cyphering cypherpunk cyphertext
D : drive D type d-port D-type D-type shell
daisy chain daisy chain connection daisy printer daisy wheel daisy wheel printer
daisy-wheel daisy-wheel printer dalek voice dampering dark-trace crt
DARPA data accuracy data aggregate data alert data base
data base management system data base query data bit data blueprint data bound combo box
data bound list box data boundary data broadcasting data bulk data bus
data cabling data cache unit data carrier data cell data ciphering processor
data circuit terminating equipment data circuit-terminating equipment data collection system data communication data communication control unit
data communication facility data communication system data communication unit data communications data communications equipment
data compaction data compression facility data compression unit data concentrator data confidentiality
data control unit data country code data cube data cyphering processor data definition language
data directory data display unit data dump data editing data element
data encryption data encryption key data encryption unit data entry device data entry form
data entry system data exchange unit

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