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If we were to choose one of the main fields where English obviously dominates, this would be information technology. No one would manage to get around computers nowadays without mastering the specific IT terminology. No matter if you are a basic computer user, a geek, a programmer or a translator specialized in IT, you will find what you’re looking for in our Computer English-French dictionary. Thousands of computer engineering terms and Hi-Tech buzz words will help you make your way throughout the tangled IT language.

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conductive pencil conferee conference session conference unit confidence line
configurable configuration wizard configurator configure congestion
congestion indication congestion tone congruent congruential connected down-stream
connected graph connecting cable connecting path connecting plug connecting terminal
connection cable connection circuit connection error connection network connection terminal
connection type connection-oriented connectionless connectivity board connector technology
connector type consignation consistency consistency check console operator
constant constrained list constraint constraint language constraint logic programming
constraint programming constraint satisfaction constraint satisfaction process constraint-satisfaction process constraint-solving
consumable consumables consumer appliance consumer computing copying
copyright copywriting corded cordless cordless analogical telephony
cordless telephony core competency core flush core gateway core image
core library core logic core logic chip core memory core router
core sense failure core service core stack core switch corner handle
corona coroutine corporate computing corporate grade corporate network
corrective corrector cost effective cost effectively cost of running
cost-effective cost-effectively cost-saving cottage industry count unit
counting sorter country code country setting country-laning countup
coupler-type effect coupling facility courseware courtesy copy cover sheet
cpm CPU affinity CPU cache CPU cycle CPU speed
CPU time CPU timer

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