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If we were to choose one of the main fields where English obviously dominates, this would be information technology. No one would manage to get around computers nowadays without mastering the specific IT terminology. No matter if you are a basic computer user, a geek, a programmer or a translator specialized in IT, you will find what you’re looking for in our Computer English-French dictionary. Thousands of computer engineering terms and Hi-Tech buzz words will help you make your way throughout the tangled IT language.

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completeness check completion completion phase completion run complex instruction set computer architecture
complex number compliant complimentary copy component assembly component set
component software component surface mounting componentry components set composite signal
compositing compound key compound statement compound tail comprehensive
comprehensive review compress compressing compression board compunication
CompuServe computational power computed aided page make-up computer acquisition system computer addict
computer address computer aided design and manufacturing computer aided manufacturing computer aided page make-up computer aided software engineering
computer animation computer application computer art computer assisted computer assisted learning
computer assisted manufacturing computer assisted retrieval computer assisted software engineering computer augmented learning computer background
computer based computer based education computer bulletin board system computer capacity computer center
computer centre computer champ computer circuitry computer companies computer company
computer crash computer crime computer department computer dependant language computer dependent language
computer diagram computer disaster computer downtime computer driven computer dweeb
computer facility computer field computer fraud computer freak computer geek
computer grade power computer graphics computer graphics artist computer graphics designer computer graphics interface
computer graphics metafile computer hacking computer independent language computerless computerlike
computerphobic computing facility computing industry computing need computing network
computing power computing server computing software computing store computing system
computing tip computing world concatenation conceal concealment
concealment method concept card conceptual design concertina fold concurrent execution
concurrent language condensed type

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