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If we were to choose one of the main fields where English obviously dominates, this would be information technology. No one would manage to get around computers nowadays without mastering the specific IT terminology. No matter if you are a basic computer user, a geek, a programmer or a translator specialized in IT, you will find what you’re looking for in our Computer English-French dictionary. Thousands of computer engineering terms and Hi-Tech buzz words will help you make your way throughout the tangled IT language.

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A2 paper A3 paper A4 paper A5 paper a: drive
A: drive Abal abbreviated address calling abbreviated dialing call abelian
abend abnormal end abort abort dump absolute assembly language
absolute delay absolute language absolute pitch absolute programme absorption loss
abstract machine absurdity check AC adapter ac power AC power
academic cutting accelerator board accent key acceptance check acceptance test
access arm access capability access capacity access contention access denied
access fee access fees access grant access indicator access instruction
access key field access layer access light access link access node
access number access path access permission access provider access rate
access restriction access right access rights administrator access security access switch
access tab access type Access.bus accessibility AccessX
account card account management account manager accounting form AccuColor
AccuPoint accuracy rating Accusoft acetate tape acid etching
acknowledgement of receipt acoustic feedback acoustic treatment acoustical shield acoustoptical
addressee addressing plan addrout file adjunct processor adjustable-size aggregate
Adlemann admin right administrable administrable call progress tone administrate
administration administration account administration management domain administrative data processing administrative right
administrator right admissibility admission control Adobe adobe acrobat
Adobe Acrobat adobe acrobat reader Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Illustrator adobe reader
adsl ADSL pack

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