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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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road traffic road transport road-show roadshow Robien law
robotics ROCE rock bottom price ROE rogatory commission
roll out roll-on roll-off roll-on roll-off ferry roll-on roll-off ship roll-on roll-off system
roll-on-roll-off roll-out roll-out method roll... out rolling inventory
rolling over rolling plan rolling strike rolling... out rollover
rollover credit rollover date roly-poly room for manoeuvre roster
rough copy rough draft rough estimate rough idea rough period
round down round lot round off round table round table conference
round table discussions round table talks round the clock trading round up round-table
round-table discussion round-the-clock trading round-the-world rounded up or down to the nearest cent rounding
rounding down rounding off rounding up rounding-off method route
routing royalties royalty royalty report royalty-free
RPI RTGS RTGS payment system RTGS system rubber check
sales area sales assistant sales book sales clerk sales concept
sales contract sales department sales director sales drive sales engineer
sales figure sales floor sales goal sales incentive sales information system
sales invoice accruals sales management sales mix sales monopoly sales offer
sales office sales outlet sales policy sales price sales price level
sales rally sales register sales rep sales representative sales return
sales returns sales season sales staff sales strategy sales surface
sales surface area sales team sales terms sales training sales transaction
sales value sales-clerk sales-director salesclerk salesforce
salesgirl salesman salesmanship salespeople salesperson
salesroom saleswoman saleswomen salvage value same day fund
same day funds same quarter last year same-day same-day issuance same-day transaction
same-sex marriage sample sample book sample survey sampler
samurai bond Samurai bond sandwich course satellite channel satisfied or your money back
saturation index saturation indices saturation rate saturation ratio save as mentioned
save energy save money save... money SEC filing second ballot
second degree murder second leg second marché second-degree murder second-hand
secondary share offering secondhand secret society secret voting secretaire
secretarial duties secretaries general secretaries-general secretary general section head
sectional interests sector fund sector index sector indices sector-leading
sectoral sectorial index sectorial indices secure messaging secured claim
secured creditor secured loan securely securing securities account
securities accounts securities advisory

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