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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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annuity reserve annulling annulment answer no answer the bell
answer the door answer the phone answer... back answerableness answerphone
answerphones antecedence antecedency antecedent antedate
antenuptial agreement anti-authority anti-bias anti-dumping duties anti-dumping duty
anti-theft device anticipatory antisocial antispeculation antitheft
antitrust act antitrust law AON order AON trade AON transaction
apace apiece apologize apparatus apparel shop
aptly arab-speaking arable farming arbitrage clause arbitrager
arbitrageur arbitragist arbitral award arbitrarily arbitrariness
arbitrate arbitration arbitration award arbitration count arbitration proceeding
arbitration request arbitrator arbitrement arch-ally arch-enemy
archive system archrival area code area for location area of consistency
area of waste ground argue argy-bargy aright arise out of
arm's length arm's length price arm's-length price armed robbery arms dealer
around-the-clock arraign arranger arrear arrears
arrears of interest arrears of work arrest warrant arrest-warrant arrival on the market
arrow key arson art gallery art market artful
artfully article numbering system article of baggage articles of apprenticeship articles of association
articles of partnership articulate arts and crafts as a bonus as a broad rule
as a consequence as a final resort as a general rule as a last resort as a last resource
as a matter of course as a matter of fact as a matter of urgency as a result as a rule of thumb
as a whole as early as possible as may be appropriate as might be appropriate as requested
as the case may be as time goes by as-yet-untargeted asap asbestos
ascend ascending ascertainable ASEAN assignment of income
assignment of space assignment report assignor assistant accountant assistant general secretary
assistant helper assistant legal director assistant manager assistant product manager assistant project management
assistant secretary assistant shop manager assistant store manager assistant-accountant assisted sale
assize court associate lead manager association of futures brokers and dealers association of international bond dealers association of south-east asian nations
assortment assortment renewal assortment revision assumption assumption of office
asylum seeker at a cheap price at a loss at a maximum at a minimum
at a moderate charge at a rough guess at a short date at an all-time high at an earlier stage
at an early date at an early stage at blistering pace at book value at buyer's option
at buying rate at comparable structure and exchange rates at constant copper prices at constant exchange rate at constant exchange rates
at constant metal prices at constant metal prices and exchange rates at constant non-ferrous metal prices at constant rates and perimeter at constant scope
at constant scope and exchange rates at constant structure and exchange rates at cost price at current exchange rates at current metal prices
at earlier times at end-2002

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