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la historia del vestido exp.
the history of costume

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the history of film {o} cinema
the story's quite amusing
the Spanish Academy of History
tell me the whole story in detail
this is the story of a little princess
our problem is a thing of the past {o} has long since disappeared
the most highly paid {o} the best paid footballer in history
they adapted history to suit their political requirements
the sleeve of your dress is ripped {o} torn
it was clear {o} obvious that they would end up getting married
he became absorbed in the study of history
he immersed himself in the study of history
the beginning of the story is very original
the story of that discovery is still to be written {o} has yet to be written
you could tell that they would end up getting married
the family has influenced history a lot
the stories of the Arthurian cycle
to have an interesting history
to be interesting
royal history
fictionalized history


1    [+de país, institución]   history  
la historia del cine      the history of film o cinema  
es licenciado en historia      he has a degree in history, he has a history degree  
es un récord absoluto en la historia del torneo      it is a tournament record  
nuestros problemas ya son historia      the problems we had are history now  
MODISMOS hacer historia      to make history  
un acuerdo que hará historia      an agreement that will make history  
un atleta que ha hecho historia en el mundo del deporte      an athlete who has made sporting history  
MODISMOS pasar a la historia        
pasará a la historia como la primera mujer en el espacio      she will go down in history as the first woman in space  
ese modelo de coche ya ha pasado a la historia      that model of car is a thing of the past  
nuestro problema ya pasó a la historia      our problem is a thing of the past o has long since disappeared  
MODISMOS picar en historia      anticuado   to be a serious matter  
MODISMOS ser de historia      anticuado   to be famous  
pey   to be notorious  
MODISMOS tener historia      [objeto]   to have an interesting history  
[suceso]   to be interesting  
tiene historia cómo conseguimos este libro      how we got hold of this book is an interesting story, there's an interesting story behind how we got hold of this book  
  historia antigua   ancient history  
  historia clínica   medical history  
  historia del arte   history of art, art history  
  historia moderna   modern history  
  historia natural   natural history  
  Historia Sagrada   Biblical history  ,   (en la escuela, anticuado)    Scripture
  historia universal   world history
2    (=relato)   story  
esta historia es larga de contar      it's a long story  
cuéntame con detalles toda la historia      tell me the whole story in detail  
ésta es la historia de una princesita      this is the story of a little princess  
la historia de siempre o la misma historia o la historia de todos los días      the same old story  
una historia de amor      a love story  
3    (=enredo)   story  
¡ahora no me cuentes la historia de tu vida!      don't tell me your whole life story now!  
tu vecina siempre viene con historias      your neighbour is always gossiping  
4    (=excusa)     (sobre algo pasado)    excuse, story  ,   (sobre algo presente o futuro)    excuse
seguro que te viene con alguna historia      she's sure to give you some excuse o tell you some story  
¿así que has estado trabajando hasta ahora? ¡no me vengas con historias o déjate de historias!      so you've been working right up to now, have you? don't give me any of your stories!  
dijo que llegaba tarde por no se qué historia      he said he was going to be late for some reason or other  
5    *   (=lío)   business *     
andan metidos en una historia un poco rara      they're mixed up in a rather funny business *     
6    *   (=romance)   fling *     
tener una historia con algn      to have a fling with sb *     

historia-ficción         sf   historical novels    pl  
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