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a       vt  
1    (=atender)  
  [+familia, jardín, edificio]  
to look after, take care of  
to tend  
las personas que deciden quedarse en casa y cuidar a sus hijos      people who decide to stay at home and look after their children  
se dedica a cuidar niños por las noches      she does baby-sitting in the evenings  
una organización que cuida a los huérfanos de guerra      an organization caring for orphans of war  
2    (=preocuparse por)  
  [+muebles, propiedades, entorno, salud]  
to look after, take care of  
no cuidan nada la casa      they don't look after the house at all, they don't take any care of the house  
se preocupa mucho de cuidar la línea      she watches her figure very carefully  
3    (=poner atención en)  
  [+detalles, ortografía]  
to pay attention to, take care over  
en ese restaurante cuidan mucho los detalles      they pay great attention to detail o take great care over the details in that restaurant  
el director cuidó al máximo la puesta en escena de la obra      the director took the greatest care over the production of the play  
cuida mucho su imagen liberal      she carefully cultivates her liberal image  
b       vi  
1    → cuidar de      to look after, take care of  
¿quién cuidará de ti?      who will look after you?, who will take care of you?  
→ cuidar de hacer algo      to take care to do sth  
siempre cuidaba de mantener el termo lleno de agua caliente      he always took care to keep the thermos full of hot water  
cuide de no caer      careful you don't fall  
→ cuidar de que      to make sure that  
cuide de que no pase nadie      make sure nobody gets in  
cuidó de que todo saliera bien      he made sure that everything went smoothly  
2    → cuidar con      anticuado   to be careful of  
cuida con esa gente      be careful of those people  
c    cuidarse      vpr  
1    [persona]   to look after o.s., take care of o.s.  
desde que se quedó viudo ha dejado de cuidarse      since he lost his wife he hasn't been looking after himself properly o taking proper care of himself  
se cuida mucho      she takes good care of herself  
¡cómo te cuidas!      you do know how to look after yourself well!  
¡cuídate!        (al despedirse)    take care!  
2    → cuidarse de algo      (=encargarse)   to take care of sth   (=preocuparse)   to worry about sth  
los organizadores se cuidan del alojamiento y las comidas      the organizers take care of accommodation and meals  
no se cuida del qué dirán      she doesn't worry about what people think  
→ cuidarse de hacer algo      to be careful to do sth, take care to do sth  
todos se cuidan de no ser los primeros en hacerlo      everyone is careful not to o takes care not to be the first to do it  
cuidarse muy mucho de hacer algo      to take good o great care to do sth  
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Collaborative Dictionary     Spanish-English
take care of
to look after
to be careful of
to make sure that
to take care to do sth
he can take care of himself
to look after one's own interests
hair care tips
look after number one
he knows how to take care of himself
she watches her figure very carefully
she does baby-sitting in the evenings
she devoted herself entirely to looking after her parents
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cuidar a
cuidar de que
cuidar la línea
cuidar algo/a algn
cuidar algo/a algn
cuidar de sí mismo
cuidar de los asuntos
cuidar especialmente de algo
sabe cuidar de sí misma
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"cuidar": examples and translations in context
Bebé que ella posiblemente no pueda cuidar. Baby that she can't possibly take care of.
Hace bastante con cuidar a Harge. It's enough for you to take care of Harge.
Puede cuidar los caballos mientras trabajo. He can look after the horses while I'm at work.
Tengo mis propios niños que cuidar. I have my own children to look after.
No sé nada de cuidar bebés. I don't know anything about infant care.
Quiero bajar y cuidar mis dientes. I want to go on shore and take care of this tooth.
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