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a      (interrogativo, soggetto)    who  ,   (oggetto)    who, whom
non sapevo a chi rivolgermi      I didn't know who to ask  
con chi desidera parlare?      who do you wish to speak to (Brit) o with (Am)?  
con chi parli?      who are you talking to?, to whom are you talking?  
di chi è questo libro?      whose book is this?, whose is this book?  
di chi stai parlando?      who are you talking about?  
dimmi chi ti piace di più tra loro      tell me which of them you like best  
ha telefonato non so chi per te      somebody or other phoned up for you  
chi l'ha visto?      who saw him?  
chi viene di voi?      which of you is coming?  
chi hai visto?      who o whom did you see?  
b      (relativo)    whoever, anyone who  
lo racconterò a chi so io      I know who I'll tell about it  
lo riferirò a chi di dovere      I'll pass it on to the relevant person  
esco con chi mi pare      I'll go out with whoever I like  
so io di chi parlo      I'm naming no names  
invita chi vuoi      invite whoever o anyone you like  
chi arriva prima vince      whoever gets there first wins  
c      (indefinito)    chi... chi...      some ... some ..., some ... others ...  
i bambini hanno avuto i regali: chi dolci, chi giocattoli e così via      the children have had their presents: some got sweets, others toys and so on  
chi dice una cosa, chi un'altra      some say one thing, some another  
d      (fraseologia)    ride bene chi ride ultimo      Proverbio   he who laughs last laughs longest (Brit) o best (Am)  
si salvi chi può      every man for himself  
chi si somiglia si piglia      Proverbio   birds of a feather flock together  
chi va piano va sano e va lontano      Proverbio   more haste less speed  

thai chi      sm   t'ai chi
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thai chi, chic, CH, Chigi

chi la fa l'aspetti! exp.
like for like ; tit for tat ; you shall have as good as you bring

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Collaborative Dictionary     Italian-English
grasp all, lose all
bow sb in/out
and you name it ; and so on and so forth ; and that's not all ; and all sorts of things ; and on and on
'chi' also found in translations in English-Italian dictionary
chi ha orecchie per intendere...
Also: nudge nudge wink wink. Originally used as sexual innuendo, now used more estensively.
per risparmiare qualche briciola, fa spendere molto di più successivamente ; ... chi spende poco spende molto
Saving money by not buying a guidebook is penny-wise and pound-foolish: an up-to-date guidebook pays for itself. Every homeowner knows that delayed maintenance is a penny-wise, pound-foolish strategy.
"chi": examples and translations in context
Sono chi sono e sono chi ero e sono chi sarò sempre. I am who I am and I am who I was and I am who I will always be.
Devono anche poter identificare chi detiene la responsabilità delle decisioni politiche e chi no. They must also be able to identify who bears responsibility for political decisions and who does not.
Non iniziamo con chi ha lasciato chi, con chi ha ragione e chi torto. Let's not get hung up on who's left, who's right and who's wrong.
Presto vedremo chi consiglia la Commissione e chi percepisce le sovvenzioni. We will soon see who advises the Commission and who gets the subsidies.
Occorre distinguere chi predica la violenza da chi manifesta pacificamente. A distinction must be made between those who preach violence and those who demonstrate peacefully.
Perciò, signor Karlsson, le chiediamo di evidenziare chi operi correttamente e chi commetta errori. That is why, Mr Karlsson, we are asking you to give us a better idea of who is doing well and who is making a mess of it.
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