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, gli      sm  
a    advice    no pl     
un consiglio      some advice, a piece of advice  
mi ha chiesto un consiglio      she asked me for advice  
ti do due consigli...      I'll give you two bits of advice...  
un consiglio da amico      a friendly piece of advice  
seguire il consiglio o i consigli di qn      to take sb's advice  
ho seguito i tuoi consigli      I followed your advice  
b      (assemblea)    council  
hanno fatto un consiglio di famiglia      they held a family conference  
  consiglio d'amministrazione   board of directors, board  
  consiglio comunale   town council   (headed by the sindaco (mayor): it elects the giunta comunale, which is responsible for running a comune)     
  Consiglio d'Europa   European Council  
  consiglio di fabbrica   works council  
  Consiglio dei Ministri   , il Consiglio dei Ministri   the Italian Cabinet   the Italian Cabinet  
  Consiglio di Sicurezza   Security Council  
  Consiglio di stato   advisory body to the Italian government on administrative matters and their legal implications   advisory body to the Italian government on administrative matters and their legal implications  
  Consiglio superiore della magistratura   magistrates' governing body   magistrates' governing body  
The Consiglio dei Ministri, the Italian Cabinet, is headed by the "Presidente del Consiglio", the Prime Minister, who is the leader of the Government. The Consiglio superiore della Magistratura, the magistrates' governing body, ensures their autonomy and independence as enshrined in the Constitution. Chaired by the "Presidente della Repubblica", it mainly deals with appointments and transfers, and can take disciplinary action as required. Of the 30 magistrates elected to the Consiglio for a period of four years, 20 are chosen by their fellow magistrates and 10 by Parliament. The "Presidente della Repubblica" and the "Vicepresidente" are ex officio members.  
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