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ach du lieber Himmel! exp.
goodness gracious!

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Collaborative Dictionary     German-English
good Lord! ; good heavens!
(oh) crumbs! ; blast!
for goodness' sake!
well I'm blowed {or} I'll be damned!
bloody hell! ; Jesus Christ!
hell's bells!
oh my goodness! ; oh heavens!
well I never!
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o Gott! ; ach du lieber Gott!


1       adj   comp  
2       adv   comp  
a    (=vorzugsweise)   rather, sooner  
das tue ich lieber        (im Augenblick)    I would or I'd rather or I'd sooner do that,   (grundsätzlich auch)    I prefer doing that  
das würde ich lieber tun      I would or I'd rather or I'd sooner do that, I would prefer to do that  
ich trinke lieber Wein als Bier      I prefer wine to beer  
(das möchte ich) lieber nicht!      I would or I'd sooner or rather not, I would or I'd prefer not to  
er sieht es lieber, wenn du das nicht tust      he would or he'd prefer you not to do that, he would or he'd prefer it if you didn't do that, he would or he'd sooner or he'd rather you didn't do that,   (grundsätzlich)    he prefers you not to do that, he prefers it if you don't do that  
b    (=besser, vernünftigerweise)   better  
bleibe lieber im Bett      you had or you'd better stay in bed, I would or I'd stay in bed if I were you  
ich hätte lieber nachgeben sollen      I would have done better or I'd have done better to have given in  
sollen wir gehen? -- lieber nicht!      should we go? -- better not  
nichts lieber als das      there's nothing I'd rather do/have etc  
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"ach du lieber": examples and translations in context
Ach Du lieber Gott, mein Atem stinkt nach Bier. Oh my God! I'll stink of beer.
Ach du lieber Himmel. Oh verflucht nochmal. Have you really noticed it, Mr. Terapist?!
Ach du lieber Gott, nein! -They tore that down 30 years ago.
Ach du lieber Gott, was ist das mit Heiligen und so?! Good heavens, what's going on, holy men and such?
Ach du lieber Gott, was hast du denn! What's the matter with this girl?
Ich glaube, Herr d'Aboville sagte vorhin, daß auf diese in etwa 12 % der Fangmenge entfallen - ach du lieber Gott! I think that Mr d'Aboville said just now, for heaven's sake, that it was something like 12 % of the catch.
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