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1    brief conversation, chat, chitchat, colloquy, confab     (informal)   confabulation, consultation, discussion, talk, tête-à-tête  
2    brief statement, comment, declaration, expression, remark, utterance  
3    expression, locution, name, term, vocable  
4    account, advice, bulletin, communication, communiqué, dispatch, gen     (Brit. informal)   information, intelligence, intimation, latest     (informal)   message, news, notice, report, tidings  
5    command, go-ahead     (informal)   green light, order, signal  
6    affirmation, assertion, assurance, guarantee, oath, parole, pledge, promise, solemn oath, solemn word, undertaking, vow, word of honour  
7    bidding, command, commandment, decree, edict, mandate, order, ukase     (rare)   will  
8    countersign, password, slogan, watchword  
9    in a word      briefly, concisely, in a nutshell, in short, succinctly, to put it briefly, to sum up  
10    couch, express, phrase, put, say, state, utter  

last word, the  
1    final say, finis, mother (of all), summation, ultimatum  
2    best, cream, crème de la crème, crown, epitome, ne plus ultra, perfection, quintessence, ultimate  
3    dernier cri, fashion, latest, newest, rage, vogue  
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a new word formed by joining together two others and combining their meanings. Examples: brunch, camcorder, carjack, motel, greenwash, smog, workaholic.
colloquial word for a dollar
charver is another word for chav
If you lived in Newcastle you would know it. Common in NE England
to say, pronounce, speak
ex.: The child sounded out each word out loud as she read her book.
positive outburst of emotion; the final word in a string of lyrics by Michael Jackson.
euphemism referring to the word "fuck"
finalize smth. successfully / in a positive manner
E.g.: The negotiations were tough, but they ended on a high note
euphemism referring to the taboo word "nigger"
An abbreviation of the word 'relationship.' The word describes fans' approval of fictional or desired romances between characters or pop culture figures.
Example: I totally ship Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.
artificial long word coined to mean a lung disease known as silicosis, a type of pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of ultra-microscopic particles of crystalline silica volcanic dust. It has the particularity of being the longest word in the English language published in a dictionary
Longer tech. terms exist (up to 189,819 letters!).The word, presumably coined in 1935 by E.M. Smith (pres. of the National Puzzlers'League) in imitation of very long medical terms, contains 45 letters
have a powerful impact on someone; impress; generate an emotion (positive, but also negative)
it can be used to describe a feeling of fear or a positive emotion; e.g.: "This violin music gives me the chills" or "Being all alone in that old house after dark...it gave me the chills."
(about a positive event/situation) happen out of the blue, without any effort from the impacted persons
a colloquial word meaning a bribe: policemen accepting bungs from journalists
A formal word that is put in the beginning of sentence that has a similar meaning to furthermore, therefore, and from now on
I like ice-cream; Hence, I have lots of ice-cream cups in my fridge
Used as an euphemism for replacing the word ‘fuck', with reference to the latter's taboo status and potential to shock or offend
[informal] Ex: Known for her banters and taste for swearing, the down-to-earth and much loved popstar was nonetheless warned to avoid dropping the F-bomb during the broadcast live ceremony
Lesewut is a German word for "reading craze" (literally) used to describe a specific period in the intellectual history of Germany from the late eighteenth century onward.
a humorous and old-fashioned word that means a chamber pot
Comes from the fact that the chamber pot 'gazunder' (= goes under) the bed
word created with "crap" and "caption" to mean a bad quality caption
misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase resulting from a mishearing (of the lyrics of a song for example)
Comes from "and Lady Mondegreen", a misinterpretation of the line "and laid him on the green" from the Scottish ballad "The Bonnie Earl O' Moray".
euphemism used to refer to the taboo word "cunt"
set of words and word groups together with their definition, translation, grammar category or usage examples, and which can be searched through an index or a search engine
a portmanteau of 'employer' and 'voyeurism'. signifies the act of searching for an employer or the practice of an employer when looking to fill positions. The term places an emphasis on the secretive connotation of the word 'voyeur', denoting a clandestine and thus superior form of employment search
[Tech.] Ex.: Employerism is what one must engage in, if one wishes to embark upon a more productive job hunt!
word used to describe the sound made by the wheels of a train
by extension, it can be applied to other rhythmic similar sounds (for example, the sound of a clock or of a typing machine)
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