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1    lone, one and only, only, single, solitary, sui generis  
2    incomparable, inimitable, matchless, nonpareil, peerless, unequalled, unexampled, unmatched, unparalleled, unrivalled, without equal  
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1       adj   Something that is unique is the only one of its kind.  
Each person's signature is unique..., The area has its own unique language, Catalan.     
  uniquely      adv   ADV group, ADV with v  
Because of the extreme cold, the Antarctic is a uniquely fragile environment..., Uniquely among the great world religions, Buddhism is rooted only in the universal experience of suffering known to all human beings.     
  uniqueness      n-uncount  
Each time I returned I was struck by the uniqueness of Australia and its people.     
2       adj   You can use unique to describe things that you admire because they are very unusual and special.,   (approval)    Brett's vocals are just unique..., Kauffman was a woman of unique talent and determination.     
  uniquely      adv   ADV group, ADV with v  
...people who consider themselves uniquely qualified to be president of the United States.     
3       adj   If something is unique to one thing, person, group, or place, it concerns or belongs only to that thing, person, group, or place.  
v-link ADJ to n  
No one knows for sure why adolescence is unique to humans..., This interesting and charming creature is unique to Borneo.     
  uniquely      adv   ADV adj  
The problem isn't uniquely American.     

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symbolically killing one’s internet unique identity.
One place to find many different unique antiques, collectibles, and novelty items
Unique user’s identity on internet is simply is user life in cyberspace while if user leave no record or trace of his virtual life is virtual death.
assumption of name and unique identity by which one creates a impression on the internet.
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