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1    be erect, be upright, be vertical, rise  
2    mount, place, position, put, rank, set  
3    be in force, belong, be situated or located, be valid, continue, exist, halt, hold, obtain, pause, prevail, remain, rest, stay, stop  
4    abide, allow, bear, brook, cope with, countenance, endure, experience, hack     (slang)   handle, put up with     (informal)   stomach, submit to, suffer, support, sustain, take, thole     (dialect)   tolerate, undergo, wear     (Brit. slang)   weather, withstand  
5    halt, rest, standstill, stay, stop, stopover  
6    attitude, determination, firm stand, opinion, position, stance, standpoint  
7    base, booth, bracket, dais, frame, grandstand, place, platform, rack, rank, stage, staging, stall, stance     (chiefly Scot.)   support, table, tripod, trivet  

stand by  
1    back, befriend, be loyal to, champion, defend, stick up for     (informal)   support, take (someone's) part, uphold  
2    be prepared, wait, wait in the wings  
stand for  
1    betoken, denote, exemplify, indicate, mean, represent, signify, symbolize  
2      (informal)   bear, brook, endure, lie down under     (informal)   put up with, suffer, tolerate, wear     (Brit. informal)  
stand in for     
cover for, deputize for, do duty for, hold the fort for, replace, represent, substitute for, take the place of, understudy  
stand out     
attract attention, be conspicuous, be distinct, be highlighted, be obvious, be prominent, be striking, be thrown into relief, bulk large, catch the eye, leap to the eye, project, stare one in the face     (informal)   stick out a mile     (informal)   stick out like a sore thumb     (informal)  
stand up for     
champion, come to the defence of, defend, side with, stick up for     (informal)   support, uphold  
stand up to     
brave, confront, defy, endure, oppose, resist, tackle, withstand  
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def.: if you are too confident about yourself, something bad will happen to show you that you are not as good as you think you are


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