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1    be apt, be biased, be disposed, be inclined, be liable, be likely, gravitate, have a leaning, have an inclination, have a tendency, incline, lean, trend  
2    aim, bear, be conducive, conduce, contribute, go, head, influence, lead, make for, move, point  
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tend          [2]  
      vb   attend, care for, cater to, control, cultivate, feed, guard, handle, keep, keep an eye on, look after, maintain, manage, minister to, nurse, nurture, protect, see to, serve, take care of, wait on, watch, watch over  
   disregard, ignore, neglect, overlook, shirk  

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  ( tends    3rd person present)   ( tending    present participle)   ( tended    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If something tendsto happen, it usually happens or it often happens.  
A problem for manufacturers is that lighter cars tend to be noisy...      V to-inf  
2       verb   If you tendtowards a particular characteristic, you often display that characteristic.  
Artistic and intellectual people tend towards left-wing views.      V towards n, Also V to n  
3       verb   You can say that you tendto think something when you want to give your opinion, but do not want it to seem too forceful or definite.,   (vagueness)    I tend to think that members of parliament by and large do a good job.      V to-inf  
4       verb   If you tend someone or something, you do what is necessary to keep them in a good condition or to improve their condition.  
(=look after)  

For years he tended her in her painful illness...      V n  
5       verb   If you tend to someone or something, you pay attention to them and deal with their problems and needs.   (=attend)  
In our culture, girls are brought up to tend to the needs of others...      V to n  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Thesaurus
expression used to describe an attempt to organize a difficult or unpredictable situation; trying to coordinate a group of people who tend to act chaotically
[Bus.] E.g: Some say that managing a team is herding cats.
a leaky tap that tends to spray water over ones trousers whenever used.
expression meaning that someone who is not happy tends to find comfort in seeing others unhappy too
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