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be specific about, cite, define, designate, detail, enumerate, indicate, individualize, itemize, mention, name, particularize, spell out, stipulate  
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  ( specifies    3rd person present)   ( specifying    present participle)   ( specified    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you specify something, you give information about what is required or should happen in a certain situation.  
They specified a spacious entrance hall...      V n  
He has not specified what action he would like them to take.      V wh  
2       verb   If you specify what should happen or be done, you explain it in an exact and detailed way.  
Each recipe specifies the size of egg to be used...      V n  
One rule specifies that learner drivers must be supervised by adults...      V that  
Patients eat together at a specified time.      V-ed  

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