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1    brand, breed, category, character, class, denomination, description, family, genus, group, ilk, kind, make, nature, order, quality, race, species, stamp, style, type, variety  
2    out of sorts      crotchety, down in the dumps     (informal)   down in the mouth     (informal)   grouchy     (informal)   in low spirits, mopy, not up to par, not up to snuff     (informal)   off colour, poorly     (informal)   under the weather     (informal)  
3    sort of      as it were, in part, moderately, rather, reasonably, slightly, somewhat, to some extent  
4    arrange, assort, catalogue, categorize, choose, class, classify, distribute, divide, file, grade, group, order, put in order, rank, select, separate, sequence, systematize, tabulate  

sort out  
1    clarify, clear up, organize, put or get straight, resolve, tidy up  
2    pick out, put on one side, segregate, select, separate, sift  
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someone who is going through struggles
Used to refer to the circulation of rumours and unofficial information in expressions such as: hear on the grapevine (that) ; hear through the gapevine (that) ; hear it on the grapevine ; the grapevine has it that ; rumours are on the grapevine that etc.
I heard on the grapevine that he set up his own buisness / She's heard through the grapevine that he wanted to get back with her / The grapevine has it that he's moving to London next month
a group selfie ; a picture taken by one person next to other people, usually to share it through social media
[Slang] comes from the combination of "selfie" and "us"
Bookish knowledge; knowledge obtained through hearsay, has no sound basis
very large collection of digital data, whose analysis allows to predict patterns and behaviours through inductive reasoning
[Tech.] big data can be applied to behavioural retargeting in marketing, but also to predict epidemies through Google searches or analysing DNA
A thing which ought to be perfectly vertical but which through fault is slanting is said to be off plumb.
set of words and word groups together with their definition, translation, grammar category or usage examples, and which can be searched through an index or a search engine
cyber protest is expression of complaint through the medium of electronic communication on the electronic and digital Medias.
a state of connectivity to the cyberspace through a medium of internet or computer network
way of traveling in which you go from one apartment to another usually sleeping on a couch, and either at friends, acquaintances or through a web site
an agreement through which one of the parties is offered very advantageous conditions because of the special relation with the partner
[Bus.] most frequently ,"sweetheart deal" has a negative connotation implying the idea of illegality or immorality .
Cyber interception means the acquisition of the any digital contents through the use of any electronic, mechanical, or other digital devices.
[Tech.];[Leg.] Cyber interception means the acquisition of the any digital contents
Cyber investigation is electronic method conducted through electronic system to search and discover the online facts or information.
[Tech.];[Leg.] Cyber investigation is electronic method conducted through electronic system to search the online facts
1. [Rel.] expression used to describe metaphorically a period of ignorance and spiritual crisis that precedes the communion with Divinity ; 2. in a larger meaning, it is used when refering to having a hard time, going through a phase of pessimism, sadness, failure etc.
Public Health principal task of a Samu . Reception Evaluation, Triaging of Medical Emergencies through Medical Hotline.
See also Medical Regulator Physician
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