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1    common, commonplace, customary, daily, everyday, habitual, normal, ordinary, routine, typical, unvarying, usual  
2    consistent, constant, established, even, fixed, ordered, periodic, rhythmic, set, stated, steady, systematic, uniform  
3    dependable, efficient, formal, methodical, orderly, standardized, steady, systematic  
4    balanced, even, flat, level, smooth, straight, symmetrical, uniform  
5    approved, bona fide, classic, correct, established, formal, official, orthodox, prevailing, proper, sanctioned, standard, time-honoured, traditional  
1    abnormal, exceptional, infrequent, irregular, occasional, rare, uncommon, unconventional, unusual  
2    erratic, inconsistent, inconstant, irregular, varied  
3    disorderly, unmethodical  
4    erratic, irregular, uneven  
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  ( regulars    plural  )
1       adj   Regular events have equal amounts of time between them, so that they happen, for example, at the same time each day or each week.  
usu ADJ n  
Take regular exercise..., We're going to be meeting there on a regular basis..., The cartridge must be replaced at regular intervals.     
  regularly      adv   ADV with v  
He also writes regularly for `International Management' magazine.     
  regularity      n-uncount  
The overdraft arrangements had been generous because of the regularity of the half-yearly payments.     
2       adj   Regular events happen often.  
usu ADJ n  
This condition usually clears up with regular shampooing.     
  regularly      adv   ADV with v   (=frequently)  
Fox, badger, weasel and stoat are regularly seen here...     
  regularity      n-uncount  
Closures and job losses are again being announced with monotonous regularity.     
3       adj   If you are, for example, a regular customer at a shop or a regular visitor to a place, you go there often.  
ADJ n  
She has become a regular visitor to Houghton Hall.     
4       n-count   The regulars at a place or in a team are the people who often go to the place or are often in the team.  
Regulars at his local pub have set up a fund to help out...     
5       adj   You use regular when referring to the thing, person, time, or place that is usually used by someone. For example, someone's regular place is the place where they usually sit.  
det ADJ n   (=usual)  
The man sat at his regular table near the window.     
6       adj   A regular rhythm consists of a series of sounds or movements with equal periods of time between them.,   (Antonym: irregular)    ...a very regular beat...     
  regularly      adv   ADV with v  
Remember to breathe regularly.     
  regularity      n-uncount  
Experimenters have succeeded in controlling the rate and regularity of the heartbeat.     
7       adj   Regular is used to mean `normal'.  
  (mainly AM)   ADJ n   (=ordinary)  
The product looks and burns like a regular cigarette...     
8       adj   In some restaurants, a regular drink or quantity of food is of medium size.  
  (mainly AM)   ADJ n  
...a cheeseburger and regular fries.     
9       adj   A regular pattern or arrangement consists of a series of things with equal spaces between them.,   (Antonym: irregular)    ...strange small rounded sandy hillocks, that look as if they've been scattered in a regular pattern on the ground.     
10       adj   If something has a regular shape, both halves are the same and it has straight edges or a smooth outline.,   (Antonym: irregular)    ...some regular geometrical shape.     
  regularity      n-uncount  
...the chessboard regularity of their fields.     
11       adj   In grammar, a regular verb, noun, or adjective inflects in the same way as most verbs, nouns, or adjectives in the language.,   (Antonym: irregular)   

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