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1    accoutrement, catering, equipping, fitting out, furnishing, providing, supplying, victualling  
2    arrangement, plan, prearrangement, precaution, preparation  
3      (figurative)   agreement, clause, condition, demand, proviso, requirement, rider, specification, stipulation, term  
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  ( provisions    plural  )
1       n-uncount   The provisionof something is the act of giving it or making it available to people who need or want it.  
also a N, with supp, oft N of n  
The department is responsible for the provision of residential care services., ...nursery provision for children with special needs.     
2       n-var   If you make provision for something that might happen or that might need to be done, you make arrangements to deal with it.  
usu N for n/-ing  
Mr King asked if it had ever occurred to her to make provision for her own pension...     
3       n-uncount   If you make provision for someone, you support them financially and make sure that they have the things that they need.  
also N in pl, N for n  
Special provision should be made for children...     
4       n-count   A provision in a law or an agreement is an arrangement which is included in it.  
He backed a provision that would allow judges to delay granting a divorce decree in some cases...     
5       n-plural   Provisions are supplies of food.  
OLD-FASHIONED   On board were enough provisions for two weeks.     

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! make provision by v.
the secretary of state is required by the police and criminal evidence act to make provision by regulations for recording, in national police records, convictions and cautions for such offences as are required.

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