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1    energetic, mighty, potent, robust, stalwart, strapping, strong, sturdy, vigorous  
2    authoritative, commanding, controlling, dominant, influential, prevailing, puissant, sovereign, supreme  
3    cogent, compelling, convincing, effective, effectual, forceful, forcible, impressive, persuasive, striking, telling, weighty  

almighty, omnipotent, supreme  
   helpless, impotent, powerless  
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1       adj   A powerful person or organization is able to control or influence people and events.  
You're a powerful man<endash>people will listen to you., ...Russia and India, two large, powerful countries.     
2       adj   You say that someone's body is powerful when it is physically strong.  
Hans flexed his powerful muscles...     
  powerfully      adv   ADV with v  
He is described as a strong, powerfully-built man of 60...     
3       adj   A powerful machine or substance is effective because it is very strong.  
usu ADJ n  
...powerful computer systems..., Alcohol is also a powerful and fast-acting drug.     
  powerfully      adv   ADV adj  
Crack is a much cheaper, smokable form of cocaine which is powerfully addictive.     
4       adj   A powerful smell is very strong.  
usu ADJ n   (=strong)  
There was a powerful smell of stale beer.     
  powerfully      adv   ADV after v  
The railway station smelt powerfully of cats and drains.     
5       adj   A powerful voice is loud and can be heard from a long way away.   (=loud)  
At that moment Mrs. Jones's powerful voice interrupted them, announcing a visitor.     
6       adj   You describe a piece of writing, speech, or work of art as powerful when it has a strong effect on people's feelings or beliefs.  
...Bleasdale's powerful 11-part drama about a corrupt city leader.     
  powerfully      adv   ADV -ed, ADV after v  
It's a play<endash>painful, funny and powerfully acted.     

An all-powerful person or organization has the power to do anything they want.      adj  
...the all-powerful labour unions.     

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The state of being acceptable or officially true; the statement that is powerful to convince someone something is right.
a pompous self-important official or person of rank / a powerful personage or pretentious official
A punch delivered in a Friday or Saturday night fight that is so powerful that the opponent does not regain consciousness until Sunday.
have a powerful impact on someone; impress; generate an emotion (positive, but also negative)
it can be used to describe a feeling of fear or a positive emotion; e.g.: "This violin music gives me the chills" or "Being all alone in that old house after dark...it gave me the chills."
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