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1    bore, drill, enter, impale, lance, penetrate, perforate, prick, probe, puncture, run through, spike, stab, stick into, transfix  
2    comprehend, discern, discover, fathom, grasp, realize, see, understand  
3      (figurative)   affect, cut, cut to the quick, excite, hurt, move, pain, rouse, sting, stir, strike, thrill, touch, wound  
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  ( pierces    3rd person present)   ( piercing    present participle)   ( pierced    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If a sharp object pierces something, or if you pierce something with a sharp object, the object goes into it and makes a hole in it.  
One bullet pierced the left side of his chest...      V n  
Pierce the skin of the potato with a fork.      V n  
2       verb   If you have your ears or some other part of your body pierced, you have a small hole made through them so that you can wear a piece of jewellery in them.  
I'm having my ears pierced on Saturday.      have n V-ed  
...her pierced ears with their tiny gold studs.      V-ed, Also V n  

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