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1      (informal)   bind     (informal)   difficulty, dilemma, fix     (informal)   hot water     (informal)   jam     (informal)   predicament, quandary, scrape     (informal)   spot     (informal)   tight spot  
2      (Brit. informal)   little horror, mischief, mischief maker, monkey, naughty child, rascal  
3    cure, keep, marinade, preserve, steep  
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  ( pickles    plural & 3rd person present)   ( pickling    present participle)   ( pickled    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-plural   Pickles are vegetables or fruit, sometimes cut into pieces, which have been kept in vinegar or salt water for a long time so that they have a strong, sharp taste.  
2       n-mass   Pickle is a cold spicy sauce with pieces of vegetables and fruit in it.  
...jars of pickle.     
3       verb   When you pickle food, you keep it in vinegar or salt water so that it does not go bad and it develops a strong, sharp taste.  
Select your favourite fruit or veg and pickle them while they are still fresh...      V n  
  pickling      n-uncount   oft N n  
Small pickling onions can be used instead of sliced ones.     

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