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1    dominate, dwarf, eclipse, excel, leave or put in the shade, outshine, outweigh, render insignificant by comparison, rise above, steal the limelight from, surpass, take precedence over, throw into the shade, tower above  
2    adumbrate, becloud, bedim, cloud, darken, dim, obfuscate, obscure, veil  
3    blight, cast a gloom upon, mar, put a damper on, ruin, spoil, take the edge off, take the pleasure or enjoyment out of, temper  
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  ( overshadows    3rd person present)   ( overshadowing    present participle)   ( overshadowed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If an unpleasant event or feeling overshadows something, it makes it less happy or enjoyable.   (=cloud)  
Fears for the President's safety could overshadow his peace-making mission...      V n  
2       verb   If you are overshadowedby a person or thing, you are less successful, important, or impressive than they are.  
usu passive   (=eclipse)  
Hester is overshadowed by her younger and more attractive sister.      be V-ed  
3       verb   If one building, tree, or large structure overshadows another, it stands near it, is much taller than it, and casts a shadow over it.  
She said stations should be in the open, near housing, not overshadowed by trees or walls.      V-ed  

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