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1    accoutrements, clothes, costume, ensemble, garb, gear     (informal)   get-up     (informal)   kit, rigout     (informal)   schmutter     (slang)   suit, threads     (slang)   togs     (informal)   trappings  
2      (informal)   clique, company, corps, coterie, crew, firm, galère, group, organization, set, setup     (informal)   squad, team, unit  
3    accoutre, appoint, equip, fit out, furnish, kit out, provision, stock, supply, turn out  
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  ( outfits    plural & 3rd person present)   ( outfitting    present participle)   ( outfitted    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   An outfit is a set of clothes.  
She was wearing an outfit she'd bought the previous day...     
2       n-count   You can refer to an organization as an outfit.  
oft supp N  
He works for a private security outfit...     
3       verb   To outfit someone or something means to provide them with equipment for a particular purpose.  
  (mainly AM)   (=fit out)  
They outfitted him with artificial legs...      V n with/as n  

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outfitter, outwit, out, outright

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Outfit Of The Day
langage internet
someone looking very well in the outfit he/she is wearing
[Slang] E.g.: You are a shape in a drape in this dress
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