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1    conductor, driver, handler, mechanic, operative, practitioner, skilled employee, technician, worker  
2    administrator, contractor, dealer, director, manager, speculator, trader  
3      (informal)   Machiavellian, machinator, manipulator, mover, shyster     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   smart aleck     (informal)   wheeler-dealer     (informal)   wirepuller, worker  
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  ( operators    plural  )
1       n-count   An operator is a person who connects telephone calls at a telephone exchange or in a place such as an office or hotel.  
He dialled the operator and put in a call for Rome.     
2       n-count   An operator is a person who is employed to operate or control a machine.  
usu n N  
...computer operators.     
3       n-count   An operator is a person or a company that runs a business.     (BUSINESS)   usu with supp  
...`Tele-Communications', the nation's largest cable TV operator.     
4       n-count   If you call someone a good operator, you mean that they are skilful at achieving what they want, often in a slightly dishonest way.  
INFORMAL   usu adj N  
...one of the shrewdest political operators in the Arab World.     
    tour operator  

tour operator        ( tour operators    plural  ) A tour operator is a company that provides holidays in which your travel and accommodation are booked for you.      n-count  

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