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1    animation, being, breath, entity, growth, sentience, viability, vitality  
2    being, career, continuance, course, duration, existence, lifetime, span, time  
3    human, human being, individual, mortal, person, soul  
4    autobiography, biography, career, confessions, history, life story, memoirs, story  
5    behaviour, conduct, life style, way of life  
6    the human condition, the school of hard knocks, the times, the world, this mortal coil, trials and tribulations, vicissitudes  
7    activity, animation, brio, energy, get-up-and-go     (informal)   go     (informal)   high spirits, liveliness, oomph     (informal)   pep, sparkle, spirit, verve, vigour, vitality, vivacity, zest  
8    animating spirit, élan vital, essence, heart, lifeblood, soul, spirit, vital spark  
9    creatures, living beings, living things, organisms, wildlife  
10    come to life      awaken, become animate, revive, rouse, show signs of life  
11    for dear life        (informal)   desperately, for all one is worth, intensely, quickly, urgently, vigorously  

life work     
business, calling, career, interest, mission, occupation, profession, purpose, pursuit, vocation, work  
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expression used when referring to someone's profession, background, social class or life experience
E.g: People from all walks of life will participate to the event
partner during an event
E.g.: Tom will be her plus one to the party.
Basic Life Support
in real life
[Internet slang] Life in the real world, in contrast to life on the Internet.
Advanced Life Support
intensive care in out of ICU setting
training or Intensive Care in out hospital Intensive care setting
Medical term; See also Mobile Intensive Care Unit
Advanced Trauma Life Support
Medical term
advanced life support mobile intensive care unit
Medical term
abbr. acron.
Short for "Fuck My Life".
last days, hours or minutes of life
Medical term
be negatively impacted by a situation, event.
E.g.: The building is being renovated, but for the moment people living there get the short end of the stick.
person who assists elderly people in their daily life
Unique user’s identity on internet is simply is user life in cyberspace while if user leave no record or trace of his virtual life is virtual death.
add new material to or regularly update a blog ; write about an activity, event, situation, topic, etc. in a blog
It's about a fortnight since I last blogged / Her world tour is a great adventure, and the best thing is that you can tag along with her because she is blogging her trip in near-live time
give credit to; to say an event caused something else.
Eg.: I attribute my illness to my friend who coughed at me.
be the most affected by a unpleasant situation; be considered the main responsible for a negative event
E.g.: If the deadline is not met, the production department will bear the brunt
expression used for letting someone know that he/she should prepare for a difficult or unpleasant upcoming event
wait for something, usually linked to a previous event, to happen; expect something that can not be avoided to happen
person born at the end of the 90s ; persons starting their teen life of the beginning of the years 2000
when a person kills someone then takes their own life it is referred to as a murder suicide
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