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1    bind, complicate, entangle, knit, loop, secure, tether, tie, weave  
2    bond, bow, braid, connection, joint, ligature, loop, rosette, tie  
3    aggregation, bunch, clump, cluster, collection, heap, mass, pile, tuft  
4    assemblage, band, circle, clique, company, crew     (informal)   crowd, gang, group, mob, pack, set, squad  
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  ( knots    plural & 3rd person present)   ( knotting    present participle)   ( knotted    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   If you tie a knot in a piece of string, rope, cloth, or other material, you pass one end or part of it through a loop and pull it tight.  
One lace had broken and been tied in a knot.     
2       verb   If you knot a piece of string, rope, cloth, or other material, you pass one end or part of it through a loop and pull it tight.  
He knotted the laces securely together...      V n with together  
He knotted the bandanna around his neck.      V n  
...a knotted rope.      V-ed  
3       n-count   If you feel a knot in your stomach, you get an uncomfortable tight feeling in your stomach, usually because you are afraid or excited.  
oft N of n  
There was a knot of tension in his stomach.     
4       verb   If your stomach knots or if something knots it, it feels tight because you are afraid or excited.  
I felt my stomach knot with apprehension...      V  
The old dread knotted her stomach.      V n  
5       verb   If part of your face or your muscles knot, they become tense, usually because you are worried or angry.  
His forehead knotted in a frown.      V  
...his knotted muscles.      V-ed  
6       n-count   A knot in a piece of wood is a small hard area where a branch grew.  
7       n-count   A knot is a unit of speed. The speed of ships, aircraft, and winds is measured in knots.  
usu num N  
They travel at speeds of up to 30 knots.     
8    If you tieyourselfin knots, you get very confused and anxious.  
tie yourself in knots      phrase   V inflects  
The press agent tied himself in knots trying to apologise.     
9    If you say that two people tie the knot, you mean that they get married.  
tie the knot      phrase   V inflects  
Len tied the knot with Kate five years ago.     

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