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      n   comparison, contrariety, difference, differentiation, disparity, dissimilarity, distinction, divergence, foil, opposition  
      vb   compare, differ, differentiate, distinguish, oppose, set in opposition, set off  
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     ( contrasts    plural & 3rd person present)   ( contrasting    present participle)   ( contrasted    past tense & past participle  )
The noun is pronounced kɒntrɑ:st, -træst. The verb is pronounced kəntrɑ:st, -træst.     
1       n-var   A contrast is a great difference between two or more things which is clear when you compare them.  
oft N between pl-n  
...the contrast between town and country..., The two visitors provided a startling contrast in appearance..., Silk was used with wool for contrast.     
2    You say by contrast or in contrast   , or in contrast to something, to show that you are mentioning a very different situation from the one you have just mentioned.      
by contrast/in contrast/in contrast to sth      phrase   PHR with cl  
The private sector, by contrast, has plenty of money to spend..., In contrast, the lives of girls in well-to-do families were often very sheltered..., In contrast to similar services in France and Germany, Intercity rolling stock is very rarely idle.     
3    If one thing is in contrast   to another, it is very different from it.      
in contrast             phrase   v-link PHR, usu PHR to n  
His public statements have always been in marked contrast to those of his son...     
4       n-count   If one thing is a contrastto another, it is very different from it.  
oft N to/with n  
The boy's room is a complete contrast to the guest room., ...a country of great contrasts.     
5       verb   If you contrast one thing with another, you point out or consider the differences between those things.  
She contrasted the situation then with the present crisis...      V n with n  
In this section we contrast four possible broad approaches.      V pl-n  
6       v-recip   If one thing contrastswith another, it is very different from it.  
Johnson's easy charm contrasted sharply with the prickliness of his boss...      V with n  
Paint the wall in a contrasting colour.      V-ing, Also pl-n V  
7       n-uncount   Contrast is the degree of difference between the darker and lighter parts of a photograph, television picture, or painting.  

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something excellent, impressive
E.g.: The concert was a real doozy.
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