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      n   bit, chip, fraction, morsel, oddment, part, particle, piece, portion, remnant, scrap, shiver, shred, sliver  
      vb   break, break up, come apart, come to pieces, crumble, disintegrate, disunite, divide, shatter, shiver, splinter, split, split up  
,       vb   bond, combine, compound, fuse, join together, link, marry, merge, synthesize, unify  
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     ( fragments    plural & 3rd person present)   ( fragmenting    present participle)   ( fragmented    past tense & past participle  )
The noun is pronounced frægmənt. The verb is pronounced frægment.     
1       n-count   A fragmentof something is a small piece or part of it.  
oft N of n   (=piece)  
...fragments of metal in my shoulder..., She read everything, digesting every fragment of news., fragments.     
2       verb   If something fragments or is fragmented, it breaks or separates into small pieces or parts.  
The clouds fragmented and out came the sun...      V  
Fierce rivalries have traditionally fragmented the region...      V n  
  fragmentation      n-uncount   oft N of n  
...the extraordinary fragmentation of styles on the music scene.     

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