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1    allegorical, emblematical, metaphorical, representative, symbolical, typical  
2    descriptive, fanciful, florid, flowery, ornate, pictorial, poetical, tropical     (Rhetoric)  
   accurate, exact, factual, faithful, literal, prosaic, simple, true, unpoetical, unvarnished  
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1       adj   If you use a word or expression in a figurative sense, you use it with a more abstract or imaginative meaning than its ordinary literal one.  
usu ADJ n     (Antonym: literal) event that will change your route<endash>in both the literal and figurative sense.     
  figuratively      adv   ADV with cl/group, ADV with v  
Europe, with Germany literally and figuratively at its centre, is still at the start of a remarkable transformation.     
2       adj   Figurative art is a style of art in which people and things are shown in a realistic way.  
usu ADJ n     (Antonym: abstract)    His career spanned some 50 years and encompassed both abstract and figurative painting.     

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