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1    ambit, bounds, compass, play, range, reach, scope, sphere, sweep  
2    amount, amplitude, area, breadth, bulk, degree, duration, expanse, expansion, length, magnitude, measure, quantity, size, stretch, term, time, volume, width  
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1       n-sing   If you are talking about how great, important, or serious a difficulty or situation is, you can refer to theextentof it.  
with supp, usu the N of n  
The government itself has little information on the extent of industrial pollution..., The full extent of the losses was disclosed yesterday.     
2       n-sing   Theextentof something is its length, area, or size.  
with supp, usu the N of n  
Their commitment was only to maintain the extent of forests, not their biodiversity.     
3    You use expressions such as to a large extent, to some extent, or to a certain extent in order to indicate that something is partly true, but not entirely true.  
to a large/some/a certain extent(etc)      phrase   PHR with cl     (vagueness)    It was and, to a large extent, still is a good show..., To some extent this was the truth...     
4    You use expressions such as to what extent, to that extent, or to the extent that when you are discussing how true a statement is, or in what ways it is true.  
to what/that extent/the extent that(etc)      phrase  
It's still not clear to what extent this criticism is originating from within the ruling party..., To that extent they helped bring about their own destruction...     
5    You use expressions such as to the extent of, to the extent that, or to such an extent that in order to emphasize that a situation has reached a difficult, dangerous, or surprising stage.  
to the extent of/that/to such an extent that(etc)      phrase  
He said he didn't like the president, but not to the extent of wanting to kill him...     

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