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      vb   air, demonstrate, disclose, display, evidence, evince, expose, express, flaunt, indicate, make clear or plain, manifest, offer, parade, present, put on view, reveal, show  
      n   display, exhibition, illustration, model, show  
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  ( exhibits    plural & 3rd person present)   ( exhibiting    present participle)   ( exhibited    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If someone or something shows a particular quality, feeling, or type of behaviour, you can say that they exhibit it.  

He has exhibited symptoms of anxiety and overwhelming worry...      V n  
2       verb   When a painting, sculpture, or object of interest is exhibited, it is put in a public place such as a museum or art gallery so that people can come to look at it. You can also say that animals are exhibited in a zoo.  
usu passive  
His work was exhibited in the best galleries in America, Europe and Asia.      be V-ed  
  exhibition      n-uncount   usu for/on N  
Five large pieces of the wall are currently on exhibition in London.     
3       verb   When artists exhibit, they show their work in public.  
By 1936 she was exhibiting at the Royal Academy.      V  
4       n-count   An exhibit is a painting, sculpture, or object of interest that is displayed to the public in a museum or art gallery.  
Shona showed me round the exhibits.     
5       n-count   An exhibit is a public display of paintings, sculpture, or objects of interest, for example in a museum or art gallery.  
...an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.     
in BRIT, use exhibition     
6       n-count   An exhibit is an object that a lawyer shows in court as evidence in a legal case.  

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